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10 Sci-fi Halloween Costumes

Today is Halloween, so why not dress as if you were in a sci-fi story?

Fun fact: Halloween is not a big deal in Brazil. Some people use the date as an excuse to decorate their offices and to throw costume parties. Introverted me has only been to two or three of those, but I enjoy the concept.

Inspired by the date, I have made a list of my ten favorite sci-fi costumes.

(Did I ever tell you I’m a sucker for lists of ten items?)

A huge disclaimer: I thoroughly discourage you to attend costume parties—or any parties really—during a pandemic. That is why I am publishing the list on Halloween day, because it is not supposed to be used today. Let’s save those costume ideas for next year’s Halloween.

(*puts hands together* Please let there be no pandemic next year. *Amen*).

1. Scientist

Scientists come in all forms and shapes, but there’s no harm in using the caricature image of a scientist to have fun. You know, lab coat and glasses. Ponytail and natural make-up. Maybe hold a lab tube, or a pointer. You are good to go.

2. Frankenstein’s monster

Or his bride! Mary Shelley’s character is so iconic that this costume transcends the status of cosplaying.

(That's me in the picture, btw. It is the miracle of filters.)

3. Robots or androids

There are endless possibilities with this one. You can go full cosplay and dress as C3PO (Star Wars), or Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z). Or make your own version of a robot/android. Let your creativity rule!

4. Astronaut

It is everyone’s childhood dream job, and you can become one for a night (after the pandemic is over).

Cool Dude. Cool Costume.

5. Alien

Green, blue, gray, golden. The most exciting thing about being an alien is that you can choose your favorite color and run with it.

6. Cyberpunk or steampunk outfits

Those are arguably the most stylish of all sub genres of sci-fi. And very recognizable as well. Be a cyberpunk hacker, or a steampunk pirate, and I guarantee you’ll catch everyone’s attention.

7. Space bounty hunter

You probably have all the pieces for this one at home! A jumpsuit, a laser gun, a utility belt, maybe a hoodie or a cool face mask—I know you have one of those there.

What? Are you saying you don’t have a laser gun at home? Maybe this is your chance to get one for yourself.

8. Dinosaurs

If you want to go over the top, go with style. Be a friggin T-Rex!

9. Time-traveler from the future

The smooth-edged silver tomorrow in every futuristic setting can inspire some great costumes. And, if you cannot grasp the future well enough to think of an outfit, just get some ideas from Back to the Future II. What a perfect excuse to re-watch it. What the hell, go ahead and re-watch the whole trilogy. Go. I’ll wait.

10. Doppler effect

I had to include this one. I just had to.

So, which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments.

See you tomorrow!


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