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Fahrenheit 451 vs. 1984

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

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Since we are almost living on a dystopia in this crazy dark times, why not commenting on the classics of the genre?


Dystopias are not my favorite types of stories. I am naturally a non-confrontational person thus I cannot identify with the will to rebel most of the main characters have in those stories. Still, I like to read them once in a while, especially the classics. The lasts I read were Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradford, and 1894 by George Orwell. That is the only reason I will compare them now. As mentioned before, spoilers ahead.

Distoyas are the reflex of the human fear of everything going south to society. They can be a pretty good criticism of society, and a warning of what could come if we do not pay attention to our social surroundings. In this matter, the most powerful critic comes from 1984. No doubt about it. By far, it is the most horrific scenario and the one that feels more real and, therefore, more frightening. However, 1984 feels like it doesn’t have a story. Am I exaggerating? Yes, definitely. But even those who liked the book agree that the society built is the real attraction, not the plot.

For me, the whole book is world-building. An endless and repetitive description of the fascist society, idealized from the ashes of World War II. It is the story of an unease man who wishes to rebel against the government. He meets an improbable ally and they become lovers, and also a probable ally that betrays him. By the end, he ‘converts’ to conformism. With super slow pacing, it required a lot of patience from me to get to the end.

On the opposite spectrum, the fast pacing of Fahrenheit 451 does not give much liberty to explore in detail the rules of this dystopian society. That is not necessarily a bad thing, tho. After the seed of rebellion is planted within Montag, the main character, the events unfold very rapidly. It gave me some anxiety and the feeling that things would derail at the end. And the end was brilliant!

The character is forced to slow down when he met with other people secretly acting against the government. Their plan was more sensible, better planned, and of long term execution, but constant. An adagio to calm my anxiety. The job of subverting those in power is not a one-man task. A slap on the face of the hurried Montag. This ending was epic.

I am glad I read both stories. I am still not a fan of dystopia, but I respect the genre.

Of those two classics, my favorite was undoubtedly Fahrenheit 451.

What about you? Have you read both? Which one do you like better and why? Leave a comment or send me a message. I’m on Instagram, Twitter, and you can use the contact page to reply as well.

Stay safe, guys.

Thank you for reading!

See you next month!

Pictures by 1081626 and Gordon Johnson from Pixabay.

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