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Into the Unknown — 5 questions to Rohan O’Duill

What do you do when you love science fiction and want to spread the SF word to the world? Rohan O’Duill gathered with other amazing people to launch the independent publisher Lower Deck Press to connect readers of the genre with visions of the future written by new and emerging authors.

If you haven’t guessed yet, Rohan O’Duill is an author based in Dublin, Ireland. Not only he writes (and reads) science fiction, but Rohan is also a chef and an archer!

Rohan O'Duill (on the left).
Rohan O'Duill (on the left).

Lower Deck Press’ first anthology, Into the Unknown, explores the unexplored space and its mysteries in eleven short stories by up-and-coming sci-fi authors, including Rohan himself.

Without further ado, here are five questions for Rohan O’Duill!

1. Tell us more about your short story.

My latest story is Alinda, which is part of the Into the Unknown science-fiction anthology published by Lower Decks Press. Last year, my writing group decided to put together an anthology, and we democratically chose the theme ‘discovering the unknown.’ So I started trying to come up with a story that fitted with the theme.

At first, I came up with some very speculative ideas but soon got bored of writing those stories. So I went back to my very simple roots with action, tension and some questionable but cool characters.

Alinda follows Josh and his gang of mercenaries as they travel to an asteroid to retrieve an ancient artifact from a derelict ship. Only the artifact has other ideas.

2. Why do you write science fiction?

My first introduction to Sci-fi was watching Star Trek TNG as a child and that really set up my lifelong love affair with the genre. I write Sci-Fi because when I started writing, I was reading Sci-Fi.

But I was also reading Joe Abercrombie, and I thought, “how cool would it be to bring a bit of grimdark into space?”

3. What is your favourite sci-fi trope and subgenre?

I don’t really have a favourite Sci-Fi trope. I think my least favorite is time travel because it hurts my very simple mind trying to figure out timelines and effects.

My favorite subgenre is space opera. I just love big sprawling space adventures with plenty of twists and turns.

4. What is your favorite sci-fi book?

My favorite Sci-Fi book of all time is The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursala K Le Guin. I just loved the setting and the immersive world she created.

My favorite Sci-Fi book of this year is Blackfish City by Sam J Miller for the same reasons.

5. Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

I don’t have to look far for ideas, my head tends to spill them out at a rate that means most of them get completely lost. I am dyslexic and I think that makes my head work a bit differently which is great for creativity.

My stories always start out as plot based and then I love to develop interesting characters to take part in my plots.


If you want to learn more about Rohan O’Duill, you can check out his website or follow him on social media. (My suggestion: he’s quite funny on Twitter, so I would definitely start there!)

Stay tuned for the release of Lower Deck Press’ second anthology as well.

Thank you, Rohan, for this interview!

If you have any other questions for Rohan, leave them below!

See you next post!



Carla Ra is a scientist by day, sci-fi writer by night.

You can check out her anthology ARTIFICIAL REBELLION here.

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