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Join the Bot Family

We have imaginary cookies!

When more people started to join this mailing list, I was positive most of them were bots. Thus, I named our small community of si-fi lovers "The Bot Family"! 

Of course, humans are welcome too!

10 perks of joining my mailing list

1) Get to know me better;

2) Find out if I'm really a human instead of a bot;

3) Newsletter with updates on the 15th of every month;

4) Opportunity to help me decide which sci-fi story to write next;

5) Fun polls to answer;

6) Keep up with my releases (blog posts, short stories, and future novels);

7) Help a friendly author(bot);

8) It is free to do so;

9) Join the bot family (humans are welcome!)

10) Get a FREE electronic copy of my science-fiction anthology ARTIFICIAL REBELLION.


Artificial Rebellion
Artificial Rebellion

A science-fiction anthology

Five short stories and one theme: is there humanity in artificial intelligence? This eBook explores humans' ability to anthropomorphize inanimate concepts and objects. 

Read the Preface.

eBook: PDF or EPUB

112 pages

If it does not open, send me a message.

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